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Radio Kwizera

Jukwaa la Matumaini - Sowing Seeds of Hope

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Radio Kwizera Main Office in Ngara

The vision and mission of the Radio is to defend and to promote a culture of peace and to enhance individual and collective development in the region. It does this through promoting:  rights to Information, social justice, human and Social-cultural rights, health issues, gender perceptions and main-streaming, peace/Reconciliation, inter-religious dialogue, multiculturalism and co-existence, integral  education and development, participatory democracy and good governance, community development, economic rights, climate change and environmental conservation, authentic praxis of faith.


Radio Kwizera has great impact in the region as it animates issues affecting communities in the area. The radio is ever at the frontier promoting justice, rights of marginalized persons.


The Radio programs produced all gauge at tackling all spheres of life affecting the people within and without.


The confrontation of unhealthy gender disparities and social mishaps is  one of Radio Kwizera’s themes. The Radio does this through offering rights to information, sensitising people about the value of integral formal and informal education that is meant to stimulate positive actions for change to combat illiteracy, ignorance, diseases, environmental degradation, political decay and so forth. Good governance, peace, reconciliation is another top agenda as good governance helps to boost democracy, economic growth, entrepreneurship and better living.

Radio Kwizera is run by the Jesuits  of Eastern Africa province.


Below are some video links about  the works of Jesuits in Eastern Africa and Africa in general.


Finance Office, Ngara Kagera

Br. Deos ByebaliloSJ.

Financial Controller,

Radio Kwizera Ngara

[email protected]

Mobile: +255 769 016 004


Accountant/Marketing Office,

Ngara Kagera

Donatus Baltasar

Marketing officer, Radio Kwizera

[email protected]

Mobile: +255 786 766 322


Logistic Office,

Mr. Pascal Mwalyenga

Logistic Officer,

Radio Kwizera Ngara

[email protected]

Mobile: +255 753720592


Production Office,

Mr Alex Mchomvu

Production Officer,

Radio Kwizera Ngara

[email protected]

Mobile: +255 783949094


News Desk, Ngara Kagera

Mr Seif Omar Upupu

Chief News Editor,

Radio Kwizera Ngara

[email protected]

Mobile: +255 755 115 290


Kibondo Sub–Station

Mr Omar Mbwambo

Team Leader, Kibondo

[email protected]

Mobile: +255 685505985


Kasulu Sub-Station

Mr. Joyce Ngalawa

Team Leader, Kasulu

[email protected]

Mobile: +255 762 339 585

An overview of activities of Jesuits from Africa

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